White tea is a less common form of tea in the West. White tea is a lightly-oxidized tea with plenty of flavor and variation. One reason white teas don't usually make it to the West is because of their expensive price tag and prestige in Asia. White teas are usually made with the crème de la crème of the tea plant: the buds. The buds of the tea plant are the most concentrated section of the tea plant and therefore contain the most of what we want. This also means they are the very high in caffeine, so be careful when drinking at night.

What was white tea in ancient China?
Today we know White tea as slightly-oxidized tea leaves, but in ancient China white tea was something totally different. Tea has always been about hospitality and humility in China. During ancient times however, tea was a luxury good. People still didn't know how to produce large amounts for everyone to drink, each and every leaf was a treasure. It was custom to serve tea for house guests as it was a sign of hospitality and humility. However, because of the heavy price tag lower-class people were unable to afford to buy tea. These lower-class people still wanted to hospitable to their guests so as a solution would just boil water and serve it as "white tea". 

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