Water Nymph


Water Nymph

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Grown on the slopes and in the cracks of Wu Yi Mountain, Water Nymph is known as a rock tea. Rock tea is a sub-variety of the world of oolongs and usually has darker and more robust flavors. Water Nymph is complex in flavor, making it feel like you're simultaneously sipping on honeycomb that's infused with oak-aged real vanilla bean. 

Caffeine: Medium
Origin: China
Tasting Notes: Buttery honeycomb, dandelion, oak wood
Pairing Notes: Think fresh salty prosciutto and creamy gelato
Fun Fact: After multiple steeps, notes of waffle cone appear!
Uniquity: Can be brewed over and over again

How to Brew: 1 tbsp, 200° F for 3 min.

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