Known as the “Dark Dragons” of the tea world, oolong teas are semi-oxidized leaves that make up the wide category in between green and black tea. Diverse and deliciously complex, oolongs contain an entirely new universe of flavor and skilled craft. Handcrafted, hand-coiled, hand-rolled; they’re the most labor-intensive of teas, developed by tea-makers to produce the most unique flavors. In size and shape, they’re larger than other teas. They need space to unfurl and release their flavor slowly through repeated steeps. In taste, they range from fresh and fragrant, to mellow and warming, to dark and intense; all depending on the level of oxidization and type of cultivar used. 
Think of cultivars like the world of wine; wine-grape varieties are like tea-cultivar varieties. Oolongs contain a broad spectrum of cultivars and thus contain the most delicious and complex of sips. Plus, like wine they get better over time, steep after steep.