Many claim that adding milk to a premium tea would be a disgrace, but we’re here to show you how milk can elevate your regular brew. Here at Tea People, we got our start making Taiwanese boba milk tea at Boba Guys. After endless experimenting, we figured out how to craft the perfect cup of milk tea; equally sweet, creamy and rich in tea flavor. 

Check out our video on how to make a classic cup of milk tea featuring Benj, our resident tea geek, and our hand-blended Boba Guys Blend No. 1.

Milk plays especially well with our Boba Guys Blend No. 1 because it's three different types of black teas blended together. The milk may change the mouth feel of your sip, making it more decadent but the black tea flavor is still able to shine through.

Think of black tea like coffee; some people take it straight up, bold n' black, but everyone loves a good latte! At Boba Guys, we found some other great teas that play equally as well with milk too, like our jasmine and Indian chai! 

Indian Chai
from 5.00
Milk tea has never been so simple.