Meet Our New Arrivals

Today we are pleased to introduce thirteen new teas!

Ranging from bars of Puerh, to teas that will reinvent your classic sip, like Genmaicha or the decaf Lavender Black, our new arrivals are guaranteed to keep your taste buds satisfied and curious. We even have four new oolongs that we promise will make you wish that you brewed just a bit more each time (currently, we’re addicted to the milk oolong -- 100% dairy free)!

Back From The Source: Asia 2016

It seems like every tea company has a part of their website dedicated to where their tea comes from. More often than not, it's vague information positioned next to stock photos of rolling tea fields. We wanted to make sure our recent trip to Asia was anything but the average sourcing trip!

At Tea People, we're all about making tea simple and accessible. That's true when it comes to sourcing too. With this trip, that meant: picking leaves, meeting real farmers, trying new teas and overall, unveiling the tea to cup process, all to make it completely transparent. Being in the tea fields in China and Taiwan was a tea-geek's dream! We got to learn everything we could; from the art of tea traditions to the science behind growing tea to what the tea industry abroad is really all about.

Now that we're back, check out our sourcing page to find out all the nitty-gritty, down and dirty, behind the scenes information on our sourcing experience!