Nitro Tea on Tap

Tie Guan Yin

Tie Guan Yin is an oolong that combines nuttiness, with delicate floral notes. It has a surprisingly sweet aftertaste and pairs with an evening of baking. Don't worry, it'll be on tap at our nitro bar too ;)

Bubbles In My Tea?

Fan of fizzy drinks? Look no further. When adding nitrogen to a tea we are not actually “changing” the flavor of a tea, but rather, brightening it.

But, How Does Nitro Work?

Science Behind the Bubbles

Foam Forms

By nitrogenating a tea, a head of nitrogen gas forms on the top of the tea, contributing to a new creamy mouthfeel to the tea.

Less Bitter, More Sweet.

In our experiments and tastings with nitro tea, a common response that we get from tasters is that the result in taste is a less bitter tea.

Bubbly Magic

While nitrogenating a tea won't change the chemical composition of a tea, the presence of nitrogen bubbles sliding across your taste buds might inhibit their ability to perceive bitterness.

Connect Through Tea

At Our Select Boba Guys Locations

Nitro Tea on Tap

Looking to sit down with friends and enjoy a bubbly glass of matcha?

We have Nitro on tap at our Boba Guys Potrero Hill and NOPA locations. Learn more about our other locations' offerings here.

Tea Flight Reservations

Experience our select teas, mocktails, and new experiments we've been brewing up at our Hayes Valley location. Learn how we source our teas from around the world, secret tips for the perfect at-home brew, and take as many sips as you like.