Ice, Ice, Baby

Coconut Green Tea


A tropical blend of real shredded coconut, coconut oil, and green tea. A tangy sweet liquor for those with any kind of sweet tooth.

Brew It. Chill It. Sip It.

Iced Teas for Summer Days

Whether it’s lounging on the beach, a picnic in the park, or cooling off in the evening -- iced tea is a great compliment to the dog days of summer. Below, we've rounded up our top 4 contenders for the "most chill" brew.

Lychee Green

A blend of lychee fruit and fragrant greentea. Really great as an iced tea but still goes (really) well with milk.

Pairs well with a good book and a trip to the beach.

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Coconut Green

A tropical blend of real shredded coconut, coconut oil, and green tea. A tangy sweet liquor for those with any kind of sweet tooth.

Pairs well with a picnic in the park.

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Rose Black

Delicate, young rosebuds and petals mixed with the sweet fullness of a Keemun black tea. This tea has a very strong rose scent and with its naturally sweet flavor.

Pairs well with evening conversations with close friends.

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Chamomile Mint

The peppermint offers a cooling sensation, complimented by the calming chamomile. This tea is great for indigestion and does not contain any caffeine.

Pairs well with a book before bed.

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Ice, Ice, Baby.

Pro Tips For Chilled Drinks

Brew It Right.

Brew and steep your iced tea like a pro. The process is a bit different from your go-to cup of hot tea but totally worth it.

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Ice, Matters.

Ice is arguably the most important ingredient in making iced tea. We have some tips and tricks for brewing that we use behind the tea bar.

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