Floral, Fruity, and Ready for Summer


What makes Lychee Green Tea perfect for summer?

Lychee Green Tea is the best iced, to fully taste its fruity, floral notes. The inclusion rose petals in our blend that brings out the floral notes of the lychee fruit extract infused into our green tea. Happy sipping ✨

source -    Fix Feast Flair

So.... What Exactly is Lychee Fruit?

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Lychee fruit is native to Southern China but can be found all over Southeast Asia.

As the popularity of the fruit has grown, local lychee farms have started to pop up over around the US. Commonly, lychee fruit comes in a can you can find at most Asian supermarkets!

Lychee is commonly described to taste a bit like a grape, with underlying floral and acidic notes.

Look & Feel
On the outside lychee is covered by a hard, speckled orange exterior. On the inside, the fruit is a milky white. When peeled, lychee is about the size of a strawberry.

source -    Bon Aippetit

source - Bon Aippetit

Refreshing Recipes for Warm Days


Lychee Sunrise

A chilled mocktail perfect for a summer day.


  • 1/2 of a Lime

  • 1 Fl oz of grenadine

  • 2-3 spearmint leaves

  • 1 & 1/4 Fl oz of Rose Black Tea

  • 4 & 3/4 Fl oz of Lychee Green Tea


  1. Cut half a lime into four pieces and place into a cocktail shaker. 

  2. Muddle the lime with spearmint mint leaves and grenadine.

  3. Add ice into a glass.

  4. Strain the muddled liquid into the glass.

  5. Pour rose black tea into the glass.

  6. Slowly pour the lychee green teainto the glass.

Lychee Tea Popsicles 

Frozen pops perfect for gatherings or a quick pick-me-up. 


  • 6 cups of brewed Lychee GreenTea, chilled.

  • 1 of cup of mint

  • 1 slice of lime

  • 1-2 tablespoons of sweetener


  1. Mix in your choice of sweetener, mint, and lime into brewed, chilledtea.

  2. Fill popsicle sleeves up to the brim.

  3. Put popsicle tray in your freezer overnight.

  4. Pull out the next day and enjoy! 

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