Crazy About Matcha

What Is Matcha?

The word “Matcha” is a transliteration from the Japanese word mat-cha (抹茶). Mat (抹) means “to grind” and cha (茶) means “tea.”

And that’s the beauty of matcha; you are left with this vibrant green powder, and when you dissolve and whisk that into hot water you are left with a tea that houses the benefits of the entire tea leaf.

Matcha Basics

How to get the perfect cup of matcha at home:

  1. Put 1 tsp of matcha in a bowl

  2. Heat-up 50ml of water to 175ºF

  3. Add a touch of the hot water to the bowl and slightly whisk the matcha and water to create a paste

  4. Once the paste is formed, pour in the rest of the water and whisk thoroughly (until a frothy foam appears on top of the matcha)

  5. Strain the matcha into your cup

  6. Enjoy 🍵

Pro tips:

  • Whisk in a circular and zig-zag motion to create a thick foam

  • Pair with milk for a creamy matcha latte

  • Pair with fruit and ice for refreshing iced matcha


Our matcha is organic premium grade, grown and produced in Nishio City in Aichi Prefecture. Nishio has been known around the world as the cradle of the finest matcha for more than 800 years.

Health Benefits

Matcha is commonly referred to as a super-tea: it contains the amino acid L-theanine, which is released to counteract the caffeine found in matcha, creating an alert-yet-calm effect throughout your day. Truly, what more could we want? ✨