Your Daily Matcha Fix

What's Your Matcha Routine?

Matcha lattes are amazing -- they even have their own emoji 🍵 But did anyone mention you could make a revitalizing face-mask out of it? Or incorporate it into your breakfast routine? Rise and shine... and try something new ✨

Matcha Face-mask

A great way to start your lazy Sunday. It tightens up and energizes your skin. Beware, matcha does contain caffeine, so this isn't recommended for before bed. Learn more about our favorite recipe here.


Energizing Brunch Bowls

A healthy alternative for those who might not have time to grab matcha from the local cafe in the morning. Try this energizing oatmeal bowl by Choosing Chia for something new ✨

Bubbly Matcha

Wonderful for the summer days when naturally, our appetite shrinks but we still need to be energized throughout the day. Check out this simple, sparkling recipe.

A Summer Treat

Great for a picnic with friends, or something to cool down after the dog days of summer. We found these refreshing popsicles and ice cream recipes to experiment with.