Beyond the Tea

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Muscat Oolong

Harvest season is upon us so naturally we want to feature our Muscat Oolong as our Tea of the Month. Both strong and smooth, this oolong balances perfectly with the fruit flavor of the muscat grapes.



We've done our fair share of cocktail concocting since we launched Tea People so we wanted to share some of our favorite spiked sips with you!


Strawberry Jasmine Rosé

If you’re looking for a drink to sip on that’s sweet and floral, a bit alcoholic, and extremely refreshing look no further than our Strawberry Jasmine Rosé! We used Boba Guys' take on an agua fresca and made it with a stronger tea concentrate, then we spiked with it was a dry Rosé. You can even customize your sip with various fruit and Jasmine tea strengths and different bodies of Rosé!

Lavender Lemonade

Our Lavender Lemonade can be made with or without liquor. Brew our Lavender Black tea into a concentrate, strain it over ice, then combine it with equal parts Califia Meyer Lemonade in a shaker. Use your choice of sweetener, like agave, and top with a lemon wedge and sprig of lavender! Easy squeezy you’ve got Lavender Lemonade-peezy!

Puerh Citrus Punch

With fresh squeezed Meyer lemons, tangy orange juice, a squeeze of honey, a shot or two of sake (or soju), and an earthy Natural Puerh concentrate base, our Puerh Citrus Punch is the perfect gateway sip. This is a great cocktail to make in large batches too, leaving some leftover slices of lemon and oranges in the batch for some aesthetic garnish. It's the perfect tea punch!

Take it to the Kitchen

Tea can go beyond drinks - let's explore treat recipes with tea inside!

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We were inspired by Boba Guys’ recent launch of an in-house bakery that features French-style pastries fused with tea. Here are a couple recipes that also take tea to the next level:

Vanilla Chai Lemon Ricotta Muffins

Pumpkin spice muffins are SO last year. We’re celebrating this autumn season with these whole wheat muffins. Made with hints of warming chai tea spices and drizzled with honey, Half Baked Harvest’s recipe is on the healthier side and tastes delicious with a chai latte in the morning.

Green Tea Cookies with Matcha Powder

We love this Matcha cookie recipe by Just One Cookbook. The cookies are buttery, crispy, and the perfect treat to pair with your freshly brewed green tea.

Swirled No-Churn Thai Tea Ice Cream

A fun Bon Appetit recipe to make with your children, this Thai tea ice cream has hints of vanilla and is deeply spiced. Don’t forget to top it off with condensed milk. It lasts for one week… but we know you’ll go through it in one sitting!