Matcha Experiments Pt.1


It started with tea-mocktails, ended up with matcha. With the recent launch of our own in-house organic ceremonial grade matcha, it opened the doors to experiment with the super tea. In another attempt to expand what tea can do beyond the cup and what we can steep up at the tea bar, we thought we would start experimenting with what a matcha based line of creative sips could look like. 

It started pure and simple, with matcha shots. Think ginger shots; knocking back an extreme kick of health. With matcha shots, you get a concentrated version of the super tea, meaning that all of the anti-inflammatory antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins, and crash free caffeine, are that much more potent! What a better way to start your morning or power through a meeting or just work at the tea bar than with a kick of feel matcha feels goods?

We were hitting a wall with the matcha shots (or maybe at that point were far too caffeinated to continue taste testing the tea straight up), so we decided to take a break and think of what else could be on the matcha menu (preferably something on the more sippable side as opposed to shooters)!

It was in that “tea-high” moment that the Matcha De Leche was born. The sweeter sister of the Matcha Latte and the earthier version of a Vietnamese Iced Coffee, it consists of rich and grassy matcha, topped with organic smooth and decadent condensed milk. It has a creamy mouthfeel. The kind that coats your entire tongue and lingers long after each taste, and when poured over ice, it all balances out becoming an equally refreshing sip. If you've never had a Vietnamese Iced Coffee before, it's hard to exactly explain, but if you've had a Matcha Latte before (even with whole milk) think creamier, richer, and uniquely sweeter. 

The nature of all of our experimentations brings some winners and some losers. This matcha mixture definitely opened our eyes to how matcha could reinvent some of our favorite classics just like Vietnamese Iced Coffee. And hey, if future others fail, at least it’s an opportunity to think of more matcha puns.

There’s matcha to learn in the art of experimentation. 

Come by the tea bar and ask our tea geek, Ken, if he's sampling one of these! If not, we have all the instructions and directions you could need to whip up your own, just pick up a bag of Tea People Matcha at the store or online!

1 Tablespoon Tea People Ceremonial Grade Organic Matcha
220 ml Water
60 ml Organic Condensed Milk

1. Whisk 1 Tablespoon of Tea People Matcha with 220 ml of hot water (170 degrees) : Add water slowly, first making a thick bright green paste. Then add more while whisking like crazy. Make it frothy!
2.  Fill a 12 oz cup with small cubed ice. 
3. Pour matcha over ice. 
4. Measure out condensed milk  (60 ml) and pour slowly over the top ice. 
5. With a bar spoon, stir vigorously until all is mixed together. The matcha should now be a pale green color!