#sourced Taiping Green

Taiping Green is two in one; two leaves pressed into one leaf.  While we were abroad on this year's sourcing trip, we found Taiping Houkui in Yellow Mountain. Each leaf is hand shaped and hand pressed so that two stems and leaves create one tall uniquely shaped loose leaf.  

The leaves can then stand up straight in various types of cup and can be sipped on farmer style. No need for straining! They're beautifully slender and strong in aroma. With notes of warm summer squash like flavors, it can be best described as the ultimate tea to drink on a breezy summer day. 

Think July summer night cookouts; charred vegetables, earthy and woodsy smells, plus long lingering warm notes. Taiping Green's cool factor isn't just because of its shape. We got to visit an entire museum dedicated to the loose leaf; from growing to processing and production, we learned how amazing of a tea this green sip really is.