#sourced 2017

If you’ve been following our journey, you’ll remember that in the beginning of the year, one of our tea geeks traveled all the way to China to go straight to the source. This trip we focused on finding farmers that were doing their own thing; tea farmers that were in the fields crafting unique loose leafs and carrying out deep personal histories through the art of steeping.

We traveled to three different locations: Suzhou, Yellow Mountain, and Wuyi Mountain, collecting a total of seven special small batch teas. 

En route to taste the new Green Coil, the green tea sister to our popular Black Coil. 

We brought back pounds + pounds of teas and have been steeping and sipping them, figuring out how to share these new loose leafs with you. Finally, we decided that the gems we found on this #sourced trip, should be put into their own Limited Edition line of unique teas that are freshly farm to cup.

We’ve curated a little bit of everything that all have personal stories behind their leaves.  From oolong to herbal, they're all from different cities, different farmers, and different tea fields. These Limited Edition teas are hand grown, hand crafted, hand packaged, and hand labeled, with love, care, and history. Check out the line up and see which sourced small batch teas made the cut from our China trip! 

On Wuyi Mountain, where three different tea cultivars are growing next to each other. Also, the home to the new Big Red Robe and Lapsang Souchong. 

Follow our hashtag #sourced for more about the Limited Edition releases and unique individual stories!