Puerh Citrus Punch

The world of Puerh can sometimes seem like a daunting or intimidating world to steep into. That's why we were slightly worried about creating our own Puerh based cocktail. But, when we first served up a large batch of our Puerh Citrus Punch, it proved to be a real kick! With fresh squeezed Meyer lemons, tangy orange juice, a squeeze of honey, a shot or two of sake (or soju), and an earthy Natural Puerh concentrate base, our punch was the perfect gateway sip. Natural Puerh is one of our favorite puerhs because it comes from our own backyard! Aged in the foothills of Marin County, the nuggets of Natural Puerh are deeply smokey and can be steeped over and over again. This is the best cocktail to make in large batches too, leaving some leftover slices of lemon and oranges in the batch for some aesthetic garnish. It's the perfect tea punch! 


Natural Puerh
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