Meet Our Tea Geeks

At Tea People, we're not just a team of people who love tea. Some of us are actually self-identified tea geeks. At our new tea bar (8 Octavia, SF) we have three of these dedicated staff members that have gone through extensive tea training and are the most passionate tea lovers you'll meet. 

One of the most important parts of our tea bar is the interaction you can get with one of our Tea Geeks. When you order a tea flight, you're not just going through a taste experience with tea infused chocolate and on the spot brewed tea, but also a guided learning one as well. That's why we wanted to bring some names to the familiar faces who not only blend and pack your teas, but hopefully will be stepping your next tea flight. 

So without further adue, meet:

Kalen Bergado, Benj Marsten and Ken Kawachi. 

Be sure to follow us on social media @teapeopleus to find out what our Tea Geeks are currently sipping on and their recommended brews. 

Tea Bar. 8 Octavia Street. Let Us Pour You A Cup.