A Guide to Cold Brewing

With the heat of the summer here, it’s hard to drink tea hot. But, the alternative always seems so complicated. Making iced tea needs so much ice, time, and still requires getting hot while boiling water on the stove. That’s why cold brewing is our new favorite way to make a batch of cold tea. Not only is it infinitely simpler, but it’s also pretty much fail-proof! You don’t have to worry about over-steeping or wasting tea leaves! It’s as simple as: leaves, water, fridge, and strain.
 Check out our new guide on, "How to Cold Brew" for step-by-step instructions with our Tall Brew Pot! Don't forget to take a look at our recommend sips for cold brewing too.


Lychee Green Tea
from 15.00
Muscat Oolong
from 20.00
Chamomile Mint
from 5.00