Tom Sachs: Tea Ceremony


We scored this deck of playing cards recently from Tom Sachs, a prominent contemporary artist who lives and works in New York City. A self-proclaimed bricoleur, Tom Sachs engages with high art, disposable consumer culture, and everything in between. The cards depict various scenes of a Japanese tea ceremony conducted on Mars. Sign us up!

If you have a chance, visit the exhibition in person. Currently showing at The Noguchi Museum in New York: March 23, 2016 through July 24, 2016.

We love this interview Vogue conducted with the artist about "What NASA has to do with the Japanese Tea Ceremony":

How does all of that apply to tea ceremony, which is really about process and ritual?
The tea ceremony is this 500-year-old tradition mired in dogma for the elite. You have to be a wealthy person to have the time. It takes eight years of training to become a good guest, and another wallet-ful of years to become a good host. I’ve just been studying it for a couple years.
But still, traditions and clichés are how we bond with people. For me, it’s important to rewrite the rules so they serve the agenda of the studio, our abilities and desire to make things.
People are into the tea ceremony for three things. They’re into it for spiritual Zen stuff. They’re into it for the drugs—the caffeine, the touch, taste, smell. And they’re into it for architecture—the buildings, kimonos, tools. I’m into that area. I’m not James Bond; I’m Q. But without the ceremony, without the rich history, it doesn’t mean anything. I’m a fan of the traditions; I just don’t have the patience. So whether it’s the tea ceremony or the NASA space program, I do what I can to educate myself, but ultimately I try not to go beyond an eighth-grade level. I like to make the rest up myself.