Tea Density in Packaging

Tea People Tea Packaging

At Tea People, we stand for radical transparency in all things we do. We especially love to reflect that in our packaging. We choose to have transparent packaging because we wanted you to actually see the product you're paying for. Plus, we love to show off our teas on the shelf as much as you do. You might have wondered why sometimes it seems like there may be less or more tea in our standard 2 oz packaging bag. This can all be explained by weight

Tea Density

Tea comes in all kinds of different shapes and sizes, but what most people don't know is that it all actually comes from the same plant. There are plenty of big leaf teas, small leaf teas, and even tea leaf powders (matcha). A White Peony tea leaf is big and fluffy, while a Black Coil tea leaf is curled up into small balls. Oolong teas are usually rolled or twisted and end up looking like tea pellets. Regardless of the shape, you will still be able to get an awesome brew out of any tea.

White Peony Tea Density

All of these different shapes will fit differently into any bag, tea pot, or even tin. So even though 2 oz of our Indian Chai tea only fills up half our the bag, where 2 oz of our Purple Grace takes an even bigger bag, rest assured you are getting the exact same amount of tea.


Indian Chai
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