Seasonal Tea Cocktails

We don’t just like to steep a strong cup of tea at Tea People. Strong cocktails are our thing too, especially tea cocktails. Alcohol and tea are a pairing that’s recently been on the rise. With winter almost over, we decided to put our own spins on some seasonal sips to help us make it to spring. Making tea concentrates out of some our personal favorites, we were able to mix up three (intoxicatingly) mouthwatering drinks that are just as simple to concoct. From an alcoholic tea punch, to our spin off of a pina colada, to our decaffeinated version of a hot toddy, we’ve put together some even more exciting ways to use your loose-leaf teas.

Rose Black Tea
from 10.00

Coconut Green Tea
from 15.00

Grandma's Hot Toddy

Grandma's Hot Toddy

Lavender Black
from 5.00
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