How Do You Take Your Tea? Black.


You think black tea and you think: English Breakfast, Earl Grey, high tea, milk tea… It's easy to conjure up images of European women in dresses gathered around an outdoor table sipping their cuppa’ black tea. Adding cream wasn’t a European high tea concoction, it was actually copied from a long-standing tradition of the Manchurian people! Black tea is a stand-alone category of tea because of how well it plays with milk. Black tea is bold and robust in flavor, which allows it to hold up to be the base of drinks like, Taiwanese Boba milk tea and Hong Kong milk tea, tea lattes, and yes, the base of those classic high tea sips. 

Let us expand your world of black teas and show you our favorite ways to add a splash of cream to our cups. Plus, check out our new milk tea page that includes our How to Make a Milk Tea video, with step-by-step directions and tips!


Earl Grey
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Black Coil
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