Demystifying Our World of Puerhs

Drinking Puerh tea can be daunting. With a complex and deep history, a unique processing method and a huge range in diversity of tastes and flavor profiles, we get that entering the world of puerh can be a little like a treasure hunt. We’re here to demystify the sixth category of tea a bit and introduce you to our hand picked selection of puerhs.

Each puerh goes through a post-fermentation process after a quick round of initial processing steps. This post-fermentation can happen in a variety of ways, which makes it so no two puerh teas will ever be exactly the same. Therefore, as tea drinkers and tea geeks we’re always on the quest to find the puerh teas that best fit our tastes! Recently, we've been doing some serious hunting for some new puerhs; here's a brief overview of what we found:

Our current collection has great diversity in terms of age; we have teas ranging from 21 years old (1995 Large Leaf) to just 5 years (Puerh Bar). Our teas also cover all the basics with ripe, raw, cake form and loose form. Plus our collection is full of unique gems. Take for example our puerh tea that has been aged entirely in the Bay Area (Natural Puerh) and one that was harvested from ancient tea plants that were only discovered by humans in the last decade (Big Snow Mountain)! Rich in history, we have found a tea that was written about in a book an ancient Tang Dynasty book from 864 (Wild Arbor Puerh) too.


At Tea People, we’ve decided to even add a special twist to the diversity of puerhs we offer. We’re on the quest to make our own puerh! We are working with local ceramicist, Tom Decker, to make a handful of ceramic jars for aging puerh tea in. We have a prototype made and are in the process of refining our techniques to start aging our own gem of a puerh. Stay tuned for a full story on our journey to age puerh tea ourselves!