Tea People x Luv Haus

If you haven't noticed, we've been out of tea ware for awhile. That's because we've been on the hunt for an artist to collaborate with to create the perfect tea drinking vessel, just for you. Berkeley, CA based ceramist Shawn Kam, from LUV HAUS Ceramics, has hand crafted just that; the ultimate tea cupMade by hand for your hand, we've put together three batches of one-of-a-kind soda fired tea tumblers. 

Made by hand for your hand, is not just a saying. After a year prototyping and dialing in the shape; bridging the between user and cup, these cups were made with the tea drinker in mind. Designed to nestle in the palm of your hand, they capture that perfect symphony of warmth radiating from your favorite cup of tea. The lip is molded to be the perfect catch to keep it from slipping from your hand, a great perch to grip when it’s just a little too warm, and keeps you from potentially burning your lip mid sip. Not to mention, they're microwave and dishwasher safe, for extra simplicity. 

Individually packaged, each cup is unique because of the detailed process of soda firing it undergoes. Soda firing is a dynamic and variable firing process wherein liquified soda carbonate is sprayed into the firing kiln at 2,280 F through several ports on each side. The soda spray immediately vaporizes and is swept up in the path of the flame, painting on the ware and creating a glaze. Each firing results in completely organic and unique interaction of the flame and vapor. That means that no tea cup will ever look like yours. 

Well designed, locally produced, and distinctly one of a kind; Tea People x LUV HAUS cups are the answer to your search for the ultimate tea drinking vessel.