Fact: Herbal tea isn't actually tea!
Herbal "tea" consists of the millions of other plants in the world that you can brew, steep, or infuse in water. Often referred to as tisanes, these herbals are caffeine free and often have other medical benefits to drinking them. Because of this, their steep times can very, they can withstand boiling water, and only get better in taste when blended with each other. Try adding one of these blends to your nighttime #steeplife, like Chamomile Mint or Lavender Black. 

What are some brewing tips?

  1. Herbal teas havn't been processed like tea leaves. So, when you buy them you are getting an herb at its most pure form. This means you need to use really really hot water (212F, turn it up!) to extract anything out of the herbs you want to drink.
  2. Herbal teas can also be boiled as opposed to infused. The difference is: boiling is when you put herbs in cold water and then bring the water to boil on a stove versus infusing, when you add hot water to a vessel full of herbs/tea.