When looking for a new loose leaf to sip on, sometimes you just want to know what's popular. Our best sellers have become our customers favorites over the past few years. Not to mention, they're some of our go to sips too. They're all classics that are versatile and easy to sip on. Milk teas, iced teas, hot steeps, and great cocktail bases; these best sellers are simply proven to become your next favorite cup. Add one to your steep life now! 

Rose Black Tea
from 10.00
Lychee Green Tea
from 15.00

Boba Guys Blend No.1 is really our number one. With three different black teas hand-blended together, it's bold, malty, and smooth.  Try it as a milk tea: hot or cold, slightly sweetened. 

You could have guessed that this well known floral green tea made the list. Jasmine is an incredibly versatile tea, but recently we've been making tea frescas with it. Try it iced, mixed with a fruit puree (like strawberry). 

An everyday black tea with real rosebuds and petals. This blend holds up as a base to any kind of drink you can think of! Start your morning off with it as a tea latte; frothy, floral, and the perfect amount of caffeine! 

This tea is naturally sweet and floral, soothing any tea lover's sweet tooth. Lychee works really well as a cold brew. Put your steep in a Rishi Brew Pot and leave it in the fridge overnight for a refreshingly clean sip the next day.