Tea Flight Reservations


Tea People. Tea Bar. Tea Flights. Tea Geeks. (now, say that three times fast)

Our unique tea flights are brewed on the spot, in front of you, and served up by one of our in house Tea Geeks. So, by sitting down for a tea flight, you won't just walk away having tasted three new amazing teas, but you'll have been able to have geeked out as much as you want about them as well. 

For only $10 a person, you’ll get as much tea as you can drink within 30 minutes. Every tea flight come with a chocolate pairing to cleanse your palate between each of our delicious teas.

Stop by our tea bar and let one of our (tea)m of tea geeks introduce you to some of our tea flights, loose leaf, and tea geekery!

Mon - Fri: 12pm - 5pm

Tea People Tea Bar (inside Boba Guys Hayes Valley)
8 Octavia #308
San Francisco, CA 94102